Wednesday, April 21, 2010


For this few month, I got motivated by a energy combine of my family, friends and colleagues.

I had been start up the 1st step and will continue the hardwork to success although it might not be so easy from time to time. But once we stop and doubt we lose some time; we stop and think others we lose some time. Only the continous hardwork and think nothing else but keep heading to the correct direction and you will reach your destiny one day.

I would happy when my family, friends and colleagues as well to reach the success with me.

Only the people knowing their dream is living in the world.

Don't lost yourself. Dare to dream and you will get what you dream off. No matter how big or small your dream. Keep dreaming and convert your dream to target to reach.

2011 Will not work for other ppl but myself!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

To declare!

I think I need to declare! I declare I wanna bring my mother seat in business class to China at year 2011! So bear with me. I will do it!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chicken session... haha

Remember that day I brief mum what to use and roughly explain how to cook.

Put the 8 ingredient to cook before putting into the stomach. Just before she went to meet her friend. Then I try to get some sleep.

But after she back and after I wake up. The chicken is already steaming in the wok. Haha. The reason is I tell my mum too early the procedure and she got the ability to do it herself without my involvement. Therefore, I still have got the chance to involve in the whole process.

I only in seasoning the chicken and chop the chicken after the chicken is cook. Haha. That's also an involvement I think. Haha.